Where do our Sage smudge sticks come from?

Our sage comes from private land in the mountainous regions of California.  It is grown in it's natural habitat on thousands of acres of land.  The plants are not over harvested, the owners and workers are highly knowledgeable about the various plants that grow on the land and are extremely careful not to harm the plants when they are picking. 

Sage is a perennial plant (meaning that it lives for many years) that can be cropped many times over.  In fact careful management of a plant like this can actually benefit the land, and in the process of harvesting the sage seed can be spread to encourage new plants to grow.

There is also a positive human aspect to this, as there are around 100 local families that are involved in growing, harvesting and producing the smudge sticks.

We are very happy to be able to share this beautiful plant and to know that it comes from such a well managed resource.