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The full Incense collection...Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal, Nag Champa, Sandalwood, Dammar, Dragon's Blood and Palo Santo 30ml tins

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  • 😀 All these sacred incense are used to cleanse spaces and help to bring a positive atmosphere.  They have all been used for many thousands of years during religious and ritualistic ceremonies.  The full collection includes 30ml volume tins of Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal, Nag Champa, Sandalwood, Dammar, Dragon's Blood and Palo Santo incense.  
  • 🙏 Frankincense and Myrrh resin were two of the three gifts given to baby Jesus but the three wise men.  They are both very evocative scents and provide the perfect atmosphere for religious ceremony and mediation.
  • ❤️ Copal resin has a calming effect which helps aid meditation and mindfulness practice.
  • 🙏Nag Champa is possibly the most well known incense of all.  It is a mixed blend, originally from India.  The scent is calming, but also spiritually uplifting and provides the perfect atmosphere for meditation and mindfulness practice.
  • ❤️Sandalwood is used to help increase mental alertness and aid meditation.  Please note these are granules not resin.
  • 🙏Dammar resin is associated with light.  It is light in colour, but also the scent and the nature of the resin is light. 
  • ❤️ Palo Santo smoke is used to uplift energy levels and provide a sense of calm and well being.  Please note these are granules not resin.
  • 🙏 Dragon's blood comes from various trees such as Croton and Draceana. It is used to create a calm mood.
 Please see our guide 'How to use incense resin burners' for more information and direction on how to burn incense resin.

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