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Cast Iron Incense Burner Kit with 30ml Myrrh Resin

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  • 😀 The whole kit contains a cast iron resin burner, a tube of 10 'swift lite' charcoal discs, a pair of stainless steel tongs and a 30ml screw top tin of Myrrh resin.
  • ❤️ The burners are approximately 7.5cm long by 8cm high.  Well made, very solid, heavy for their size, will take a lifetime of use.  They're also very versatile, usually used with charcoal discs and incense resin, but can be used to burn incense cones and smudging herbs.  Please see our guide 'How to use incense resin burners' for more information.
  • 🔥 Please be careful because the burners can get very hot when you use them with charcoal discs, so you need to put them on a suitable heat proof surface.
  • 🙏Myrrh is one of the three gifts brought to Jesus by the Magi or wise men. It has been used throughout history to help create the necessary atmosphere for ritualistic and religious ceremonies.

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