How to use incense resin burners

With incense Resins

1, Place the resin burner on a suitable heat proof surface.  Bare in mind the burner can get very hot and you don't want to either damage the surface underneath or cause it to go on fire.   

2, If you have them use tongs to pick up a charcoal disc.

3, Hold the disc to a flame until it lights.  Place the lit disc into the burner.

4, If the disc is alight blow it out.  Ideally it should be glowing hot.

5, Place a small piece of your favourite incense resin onto the disc (a little resin goes a long way).  It should start to smoke and fill the space with scent.  If it does not the disc is not hot enough and will need to be lit again.

6, You can put the lid on the burner and the smoke will rise through the holes.  Leave the disc in the burner until it goes out.  Don't try and pour water on it or blow it out, just leave it until it goes out naturally.  


With Incense cones

1, Put the cone in the base of the burner.  Some people find it easier to stand the cone in a little sand or some soil. 

2, Most incense cones stand taller than the rim of the burner so you probably won't be able to put the lid back on until it the cone has burnt down a little.

3, Leave the cone to burn down to the base and go our naturally


With Sage, Palo Santo or other Smudging Herbs 

1, Use loose smudge leaves, rather than a smudge stick.  Take a small amount and place it in the burner.

2, Use a long match or lighter to light the edges of the smudge material.

3, Allow the smudge to go out naturally in the burner.




See out Safety section for more info 


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